Registering a Domain Name under Southborough.MA.US

Any resident, business, or organization of Southborough, MA, may register a domain name under It is free (*).

You may choose the domain name such as and either register a delegated subdomain (requires your own DNS server) or merely have several domain name resource records ("RRs"; for when you have no nameserver of your own). Some names are reserved for the town and other entities. This is as per the rules at the US Domain NIC.

By registering a domain name under, you acquire nothing more than the use of that subdomain name. It does not get you an email address or a web site. To have a web site or receive email at your domain name, you need to either (a) have your own computer (with a dedicated Internet connection) to act as a server, or (b) arrange with an ISP to host the domain (much like you would do to create a web site under

To register a domain, send email to hostmaster@nic.Southborough.MA.US. Please give some proof of residency or location in town, the subdomain name you are requesting, and the specifics of your subdomain, including:

  • For a delegated subdomain, please include the hostnames and IP addresses of two independent DNS servers. These can either be at your ISP or web hosting provider, or a free DNS service such as Zone Edit or The Public DNS.

  • If you only need a few resource records and do not wish to have a subdomain, and your domain data does not frequently change, you can merely list those RRs in the standard form, as in this example:
    	your-name	IN	A
    			IN	MX	10
    			IN	TXT	"Any comment"
    			IN	RP .
All domain entries must have a Responsible Persion (RP) resource record that identifies the email address of person registering the domain. A text record describing the domain is also suggested. For delegated subdomains, these need to be supplied by your nameserver.

Updates are usually processed within 24 hours of the receipt of the request. We guarantee that all approved requests will be processed within two weeks. (This is not a 24x7 service, and I might be out of town that week).

If you do not understand the details of the DNS or resource records, please let me know what you require, and I will work with you to the best of my ability.

Unlike many other locality domain delegations, the domain name space is run on a volunteer basis by a town resident.

To contact me, either see or email me at John@LoVerso.Southborough.MA.US.

I've worked on the Internet since 1985, and have continually operated one name server or another since then. I originally registed my own domain (, in 1992, causing the town domain to come into existence. In 1996, I applied for delegation for the town domain to avoid it being grabbed up by one of the out-of-state domain name squatters who wanted to make a fast buck by charging residents for addresses in their own town. I continue to operate the name server on a no-cost, volunteer basis. Domain names under are, and should continue to be, free.

* There is no cost or fee for direct registration of a domain name by any resident, business, or organization of Southborough, MA. This is a free service offered on a volunteer basis.

Domain names requested by individuals, organizations or businesses outside of Southborough will be reviewed on a per request basis. If approved, such registrations may be assessed a nominal fee for each DNS RR inserted into (or changed in) the database.

Domain names registered by a third party registrar will be assessed a fee of $100 per DNS RR inserted into (or changed in) the database. This is to prevent such third parties from making money off this volunteer service.

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